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Biggest Douchebag On Twitter (UPDATE)

I’m still reeling from the incredible traffic I got off yesterday’s post. It was prominently linked on Alex Jones’s Infowars site, which is both ironic and bizarre. But quite by accident, I learned the pseudonymous blogger coffee260 has been named Biggest Douchebag On Twitter for posting an old photo of the National Mall as “proof” of the tea party organizers’ absurd claim of two million attendance in Washington, DC.

The picture got so many Twitter comments debunking it that he deleted the page, complaining that it had “done nothing but attract lefty nutjobs.”

Let me make one thing clear: coffee260 might not be a household name, but he’s got more than 1000 followers on Twitter. That’s more than enough to make his Piltdown politics go viral. Moreover, from reading some samples of his blog I’m fairly sure he’s one of the FreedomWorks website astroturfers.

Coffee260 seems inordinately proud of his achievement:

You are screaming in vain. For every person you tell the truth 100’s believe our fake photo. BWAHAHAHA!!!

When he received a link to my own blog, he responded:

“Conservatives caught using old, pic…” You’re too late. For every person you tell 100 think it’s real.

Despite being so cavalier about his lies, coffee260 is outspokenly Christian. Yes, “biggest douchebag on Twitter” is a good title for him.

UPDATE: Wonkette has positively ID’d the picture as an overhead shot of the Million Man March.

Adding: I’m raising $500 for some investigative journalism. Click here to help!

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  • Anonymous

    unfortunately spreading lies is an effective tactic to fight something you don't want.

  • Matt Osborne

    And then they wonder why we use ridicule as an effective tactic to counter them.

  • Taylor

    it's not the million man march, but the promise keepers rally, or something like that.

  • Matt Osborne