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Repeat Offender Wingnuttery

David Weigel has confirmed what many suspected: the woman who got pwned by Barney Frank yesterday is a member of the Lyndon LaRouche cult. She’s the fringiest of the fringe, and her bizarre rant is not the silliest thing LaRouchies have ever said. Not even close.

LaRouche has run for president eight times, and accused practically everyone who ever ran against him of being a genocidal dictator. The only place he can get an interview anymore is on talk radio, in between the reptilian menace and the black helicopters. He claims that his tax evasion and mail fraud conviction was orchestrated by Oliver North, who brainwashed the judge, the jury, and the reporters.

This is not an unexpected turn. In fact, I’ve been expecting this since April. The GOP has made a huge miscalculation, betting its future on people like her. Not that I expect the MSM to mention this story at all, but…is this really the kind of person FreedomWorks wants to represent their side? Weigel:

As I’ve pointed out before, when liberals protested the Iraq War, the small number of anarchists and Communists who showed up to their rallies dominated the coverage. Liberals didn’t get a pass on their associations. Conservatives have been pointing to the presence of LaRouche activists at these town halls to argue that the only people waving “Nazi” signs are LaRouchies. That’s not true, but even if it were true, what would the difference be? This is the second consecutive major political cause where the maniacs of the LaRouche “movement” are finding common cause with mainstream conservatives. In this case, it’s the LaRouche nuts making the case that Democratic health care reform will put old people to death, which is something as many as 45 percent of Americans now believe.

The woman is insane. But she’s exactly what Dick Armey gets paid $200 an hour to unleash on America.

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