in Alabama

Alabama Fail

I’ve written before about Alabama’s screwed-up, racist tax system. Now comes news that Alabama is not too big to fail:

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — It is hardly unusual these days for a government building to forgo a fresh paint job or regular lawn care to cut costs. But last week, the director of the Jefferson County public nursing home was told that the county could no longer afford to bury indigent patients. (Emphasis mine)

Not being able to bury the dead? Big problem.

Across town at the juvenile detention center, the man in charge was trying to figure out how to feed the 28 children in his custody when the entire cafeteria staff is let go. The tax collector warned local school districts to expect a six-month delay to get their share of property taxes. In family court, administrators plan to delay child support, custody and child abuse cases, leaving some children in the hands of the state indefinitely. (Emphasis mine; double emphasis WTF?!)

Abused, starving, ignorant children are the legacy of Jim Crow. The 1901 state constitution has had the racist language purged from its 150,000 words, but remains otherwise intact. It is a plan for government designed by racist landowners and for racist landowners.

How bad off is Jefferson County? So bad that courthouses will cut back hours because hundreds of county employees are being put on involuntary administrative leave. So bad that the tax assessor’s office is losing employees too.

Jim Crow is laughing from the grave where they buried him in 1965.

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