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Newt: The Pagans are Coming!

As a Website of Media Deconstruction, I am instituting a Newt Gingrich Wacky-Tracker™ after this remarkable display of Teh Wacky™:

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee urged Christians to get involved in politics to preserve the presence of religion in American life.

“I think this is one of the most critical moments in American history,” Gingrich said. “We are living in a period where we are surrounded by paganism.”

… (Speechless. One moment…)

I’m having a vision… A political cartoon of Newt Gingrich as Paul Revere, shouting: “The pagans are coming! The pagans are coming!”

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  • Annette

    Since Newt dismissed Palin earlier in the year as being a contender, and Huck has been just as dismissive, she has stayed popular with the religious right of the party. They haven't. Therefore they are trying to reach out to them.

    The speech she gave at Anchorage introducing Michael Reagan, she took from Newt, it was an article he wrote about 4 or 5 years ago, Geoffrey Dunn has a story about it at Huff Post and I posted it at Face Book.

  • rockync

    Paganism, hmm – I'll have to ponder on that one as soon as I finish sacrificing the goat and dancing naked in the moonlight.
    Paganism; yet another euthanism for liberal!?!
    Do they EVER stop?

  • Shelley

    You don't sacrifice the goat, you SHAVE the goat. Every proper Pagan knows that.

  • Matt Osborne

    Shelley, you might need to explain that one to us. Most Americans are abysmally ignorant of the "pagan threat."

  • Shelley

    Maybe Bill can explain it better. It has something to do with shaving the goat… then there's a can of paint…. Truly, I left the coven before they imparted to me the really important things, like which part you shave first.

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