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Photo of the Day

No, your browser’s working correctly. That’s the actual picture, black empty space and all. Condi Rice stands alone on a huge stage, proclaiming “progress” in the quicksands of Palestine.

Thanks to Michael Shaw over at HuffPost for pointing this out. Photographer Jason Reed of Reuters deserves an award for this photo. It perfectly captures the essential blankness of the Bush White House’s late, sad grab for “legacy.” It’s a one-year timetable, coincidentally the same amount of time left in Bush’s term, and so far his “achievement” is getting Ehud Olmert and Mahmoud Abbas to talk to each other again.

Oh, and he successfully changed the buzzphrase from “Road Map to Peace” to “Blueprint for Peace.” The “peace process” is nothing but boilerplate marketing copy anymore.

Of course, when it comes to Middle East policy, it’s no exaggeration to say this White House is only the most clueless in a long series of clueless administrations. Which brings me to a new book, out just in time for the War With Iran: The Iran Agenda: The Real Story of US Policy and the Middle East Crisis. It’s on my wish-list this Christmas, along with World Peace.

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