Mutiny in Iraq

American soldiers can get in trouble for not massacring Iraqi civilians. It’s true. I’m not making this up. Yes, I hear what you’re thinking: Where, pray tell, did I find this peacenik idea — some liberal bastion of the tree-hugging left? Actually, it’s a four-parter in the Army Times, and it should be read aloud […]

Square-Peg Pounding Continues

The neocon counteroffensive against the National Intelligence Estimate went into full swing today. Their dream of reversing the 1979 revolution cannot be denied, even by reality. Alan Dershowitz showed up on Huffpost (once a paladin of new media, quickly becoming MSM) and called the NIE “the stupidest intelligence assessment I have ever read” (implying that […]

Selling Iran: Part Four

Spin for Dummies, page 15: “When square news does not fit the round hole of your narrative, bang it with a hammer until it fits.” A new National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) has been released. Apparently, the intelligence professionals have learned the lesson of Iraq, even if Bush and Cheney haven’t. Intelligence used to be a […]

Photo of the Day

No, your browser’s working correctly. That’s the actual picture, black empty space and all. Condi Rice stands alone on a huge stage, proclaiming “progress” in the quicksands of Palestine. Thanks to Michael Shaw over at HuffPost for pointing this out. Photographer Jason Reed of Reuters deserves an award for this photo. It perfectly captures the […]

Our Last, Best Hope for Peace

My fellow Americans, the troops are never coming home. The permanent occupation of Iraq is here, dressed up as a happy “relationship” between Iraq and the United States. Don’t say nobody warned you, that no one wanted it, or that no one tried to stop it. This was the master plan from the beginning. The […]

Culture Wars Can Never be Won

Can someone write a peace treaty for the Culture Wars already? It’s a metaphor gone bad. We have declared war on too many things: terror, drugs, crime, you name it. The word “war” has lost all meaning. Pat Buchanan declared culture war, but he didn’t invent the vocabulary or the idea. He actually borrowed the […]

The Drug Gang That Wasn’t

The War on Drugs hit close to home the other night. Check out this article in my local newspaper about the county sheriff’s department executing a number of warrants for drug charges: Sheriff Ronnie Willis said the warrants were the result of an investigation that lasted several months. He said all of the warrants were […]

Selling Iran, Part 3

‘Iran is a crazy country, run by a new Hitler, who is building nuclear weapons to destroy the United States and Israel.’ That is the essence of the White House marketing campaign to bomb Iran, and it’s baloney.I despise the regime in Iran for oppressing religious minorities. It is hard for me to be detached […]

Selling Iran, Part Two

This is what we face in trying to stop the march to war with Iran: The words “terror, terrorism, and terrorist” are used fourteen times in four minutes. “Al Qaeda” is mentioned four times. The word “arson” is used exactly five times in comparison. Fox News is playing the simple, yet efficient trick of putting […]

Selling Iran, Part One

“From a marketing point of view, you don’t introduce new products in August.” — White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card on advance public relations for the invasion of Iraq. In fits and starts, the marketing blitz for an attack on Iran has been underway since Bush’s “Axis of Evil” speech. It shows no sign […]