Lawsuit Reveals Teen Was Groomed As Personal Sex Slave In The Duggar Family’s Movement

Lawsuit reveals teen was groomed as personal sex slave in the Duggar family’s movement (via Raw Story )

A leading advocate of the patriarchal Quiverfull movement groomed a teenage girl as his “personal sex object” and then used the purity culture to shame her into silence, according to a lawsuit filed by his victim. Douglas Phillips resigned last…

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Ukraine Leader Says Russia Wants To Set Southeast ‘On Fire’

Ukraine leader says Russia wants to set southeast ‘on fire’ (via AFP)

Ukraine’s Western-backed leader on Tuesday accused Russia of trying to enflame the country’s southeast but said he would proceed cautiously against pro-Kremlin militias consolidating control in the volatile region. Oleksandr Turchynov’s impassioned…

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Did Flight MH370′s Copilot Try To Say Goodbye?


As the search zone narrows and unmanned submarines begin to search the ocean floor for signs of a missing Malaysian Airlines jet, investigators have revealed that copilot Fariq Abdul Hamid tried to use his cell phone as the plane passed Penang. For weeks now, I have speculated for that Flight MH 370 may have been a runaway plane whose flight crew knew they were going to die. Hamid’s friends say he was probably trying to call his mother, an act consistent with the runaway plane scenario.

If we look at the map of the plane’s flight path, Hamid clearly tried to make that call just before the Boeing 777 turned ninety degrees on the first leg of its strange trip to the middle of the Indian Ocean. In the final moments before smoke or poisonous fumes incapacitated the flight crew, while pilot Zahare Ahmad Shah was programming the plane to avoid sea lanes and air traffic until it ran out of fuel, it makes perfect sense that Hamid would try to call his mom and say “I love you.”


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NV Gov. Sandoval Defends Extremists Interfering With Federal Government Activity

NV Gov. Sandoval Defends Extremists Interfering With Federal Government Activity (via

By karoli April 9, 2014 10:34 pm – Comments Cliven Bundy has been using federal lands to raise his cattle. Now that the BLM is putting a stop to it, Bundy is enlisting everyone from the Oathkeepers to Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval in his cause. Less…

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Ukraine: Everyone Has An Agenda At The End Of The World

KGB agent Vladimir Putin poses as an everyday Russian to meet President Reagan

KGB agent Vladimir Putin poses as an everyday Russian to meet Reagan

In an “exclusive” at the Daily Beast, Eli Lake reports that the United States is withholding intelligence information of Russian troop movements from Ukraine’s government. That should be no surprise to anyone paying attention to how fractious the Ukrainian government is, or how thoroughly Vladimir Putin has penetrated it. Lake allows for these points, but duly reports the story as received from a Republican.

“I am not confident we are sharing any of that kind of information,” said Rep. Michael Turner, the Republican chairman of the House Armed Services Committee’s subcommittee that oversees NATO and U.S. tactical air and land forces. “It’s clear we are not giving them critical military advice about the Russian capability on their border and the best utilization of the Ukrainian military to counter that.”

Instead, the U.S. intelligence community’s detailed analysis of a potential Russian invasion has been shared only with the Congress, American policy makers, and members of the Obama administration. The analysis includes details such as the geographic location of specific Russian units and predictions for how those units would be used in combination for a potential invasion.

That’s the sort of information that would be invaluable for any military preparing for a possible incursion. But it would be particularly useful to the fledgling government in Ukraine that lacks the satellites, sensors and intercept technology to learn the details of the military force that looks like it is about to invade its territory.

One alarming detail of Lake’s report is that Russian battlefield medical units have been mobilized, a sure sign that someone is ready for a bloody fight. Any invasion of Ukraine — regardless of the pretext — would in all likelihood be a short, sharp, glorious Soviet Russian victory, and it is doubtful that anything would be left of Ukraine afterwards. Continue reading

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Runaway Plane Hypothesis Looking Pretty Good Right Now

As search crews race to home in on data recorders at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, it is worth a look back two weeks ago, to when I discussed the possibility that Zahare Ahmad Shah, the pilot of missing Flight MH 370, acted in his final moments to prevent his runaway plane from becoming a danger to anyone else. Whatever killed the passengers and crew — poisonous fumes, a terrorist’s chemical weapon, or a simple onboard fire — this heroic hypothesis is a satisfactory and simple explanation for the last course that Shah programmed.

CNN law enforcement analyst Tom Fuentes cautioned against assuming a nefarious reason for steering the plane around Indonesia’s airspace.

“I think the plane’s being intentionally flown there, but I think it’s still a mystery as to why. … I think they would probably guess they’re not avoiding anybody’s radar, because there’s a lot of radar in the area,” he said. “I think they’re avoiding getting shot down or colliding with another airplane.”

CNN aviation analyst Miles O’Brien said the new route includes designated waypoints that pilots and air traffic controllers use.

“This particular route that is laid out happens to coincide with some of these named intersections,” he said. “So what it shows is an experienced pilot somewhere in the mix on this.” (Emphasis mine)

A professional pilot would presumably be aware that their crew and passengers were succumbing to smoke. Having failed to extinguish the fire (or an event that he thought was a fire) with a series of rapid altitude changes, and knowing that he had only moments left himself before succumbing to smoke, a professional career pilot like Shah must have understood that he would die before reaching the ground. So what did he decide to do?

The heroic hypothesis offers a very simple, and therefore likely, explanation for the known facts: Zahare Ahmad Shah minimized the chances that his runaway plane would kill anyone on the ground, on the water, or in the air by programming his autopilot for the middle of nowhere — and then he died flying.

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Dan Backer’s Revealing Victory Lap After McCutcheon v FEC Decision

Dan Backer’s Revealing Victory Lap After McCutcheon v FEC Decision (via Breitbart Unmasked)

Dan Backer called into the Steve Malzberg Show yesterday to pat himself on the back for winning the McCutcheon v FEC decision in the Supreme Court. Backer is the foremost litigator in the brave new world of Citizens United, with fingers in all kinds…

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‘Persecuted:’ Christian Conservatism Is Now A Movement Of Querulants

‘Persecuted:’ Christian Conservatism Is Now A Movement Of Querulants (via Breitbart Unmasked)

Hollywood conservatives offer something new every year at CPAC. This year’s hot new film stars Fred Thompson, Dean Stockwell, Bruce Davison, and Natalie Grant. According to Peter Montgomery of Right Wing Watch, who endured the film so that we do not…

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On Shootings At Fort Hood And The Era Of Suicide Attacks


Journalists have described the scene in Texas as “chaos,” but any shooting scene is chaos, and that holds especially true when the scale is enlarged to a war zone. In a very real sense, armies are in the business of overcoming that chaos. The daily routine of garrison life — “police calls” to gather litter, formations to account for personnel, movement and fitness training as a unit, or motor pool maintenance — is a constant struggle against entropy. It instills a discipline that is meant to keep soldiers working through the frenzied adrenaline of a firefight.

But rigorous rank and discipline can also engender resentment and rage. We still don’t know yet what problems Ivan Lopez decided to resolve with gunfire. His four months in Iraq three years ago do not explain what he did, and it would be dangerous to dismiss this tragedy as a lesson on the moral injury of war. Lopez was not at war, and had not been at war for a long time, but he decided to start and end his own war, all by himself. Whatever he was angry about, it was in that motor pool, not the Middle East. So I will leave it to others to talk about what this all means for the politics of guns and violence. Instead of reading a political or social meaning into what happened, I’d rather take this opportunity to write about the history of gun violence in and around Fort Hood, because I was there for some of it, and it feels important to talk about that right now.

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404 Day: A Day of Action Against Censorship in Libraries

404 Day: A Day of Action Against Censorship in Libraries (via EFF)

Join EFF on April 4th for 404 Day, a nation-wide day of action to call attention to the long-standing problem of Internet censorship in public libraries and public schools. In collaboration with the MIT Center for Civic Media and the National Coalition…

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The Incredible Narcissism Of Don Blankenship

MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki hosted All In last night for Chris Hayes, and what a show it was. Kornacki had coal baron Don Blankenship on the program to explain his incredibly self-serving new “documentary,” Upper Big Branch: Never Again. The film apparently whitewashes the systemic safety problems at Massey Energy facilities by trying to blame the 2010 Upper Branch Mine explosion on natural gas. West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, normally a booster of Big Coal, said yesterday that he was deceived about the purpose of the film when he agreed to appear in it. Here is the first segment:

Then Kornacki brought Bob Kincaid, a longtime friend of this blog, on the show to speak for Appalachian people affected by the coal industry. I do wish this segment could have been longer, because Bob has wanted to have this particular confrontation for many years now.

Don Blankenship would be over-the-top as a comic book villain. His documentary speaks more to his own megalomania than any mine safety issues; his tremendous ego was publicly bruised by responsibility for the Upper Big Branch disaster, and Blankenship is not the sort of man who just takes his lumps. Remember that whenever he says anything about how much he wants safer mines.

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